Broadcast & Cinematic Arts, School Of (Organizational unit)

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The CMIFF Festival Director organizes the five-day film festival, which includes: organizing volunteers, choosing venues, training student volunteers at all venues, programming the festival, overseeing the festival's web presences and social media posts, managing our film festival submission site, including opening calls for submissions and finding and assigning judges to all entries (as well as judging all submissions). In addition, the Director applies for grants to help support the festival, manages grants received, budgets the entire festival, solicits sponsorships, and serves as a sponsor contact person. The director also approves all marketing materials and oversees printing and advertising. Troubleshoots technical problems at on-campus venues. Works closely with Celebration Cinema to choose programming, and maintain that community outreach. Do interviews to promote the festival. Communicate with other festival directors across the state to share experiences and get advice on best practices. The 2019 CMIFF saw a 10.2% increase in ticket sales at on-campus venues. We also successfully applied for and received two grants to support the festival (Tournees French Film Festival and the Michigan Film and Digital Media Office). In addition, festival and film sponsorships were successfully obtained. The festival turned a profit for the first time in many years.
PeriodFeb 13 2019
Held atBroadcast & Cinematic Arts, School Of