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The purpose of this committee is to review CMU’s current curricular processes and identify areas for enhancement in the alignment of language, process, and workflow within and between the Curricular Authority Document (CAD) and the new CMU curricular management system SmartCatalog. The committee will submit a comprehensive report to the Provost no later than December 10, 2021 covering recommendations on the following areas of the Curricular Process:

Determine opportunities for improving and expediting CMU’s curricular processes, including revised workflows for specific curricular actions. The committee should carefully consider how to eliminate redundancy from curricular processes.Review all curricular forms to determine the necessity of informational sections and provide suggestions for enhanced guidelines for section content. Review the roles of each approving body in the curricular processes to determine if there is duplication of effort. If so, suggest ways workflows be enhanced or realigned so processes are completed in the fewest steps possible - while still supporting thorough review and academic community engagement.Ensure all supporting language and steps within the CAD are clearly defined for applicable audiences.Determine if there is a need for enhanced training for curricular committee members and, if so, provide suggestions for training content. The Curricular Process Review Committee (CPRC) generated two broad categories of recommendations: (1) Curricular Review and Approval Workflows – focus on the various steps through which curricular items will be reviewed and approved and how they will be reviewed at each step; and (2) Curricular Process and CAD Revisions – focus on clarification, explanation, and enhancement of the curricular processes and language edits to the CAD.
PeriodAug 1 2021May 31 2022
Held atBroadcast & Cinematic Arts, School Of