Finance And Law (Organizational unit)

Activity: MembershipMembership of committee


A) serve as the advisory and policy-making body for academic programs within the Leadership Institute. This includes being responsible for the development and administration of the by-laws required for interdisciplinary programs; (B) recommend and process through the curricular process 1) proposals for additions, modifications, consolidations, and deletions related to the Leadership Advancement Scholarship Protocol; 2) proposals for creating, modifying or deleting majors, minors, concentrations or other university-wide academic programs pertaining to the study of leadership; (C) establish qualifications, responsibilities and selection procedures for faculty to teach courses in the programs under the Council’s jurisdiction; (D) establish qualifications and make recommendations for advisors for the academic programs under its jurisdiction; (3) develop and implement student academic outcomes assessment plans for programs under its jurisdiction; (F) carry out regular reviews of the academic programs under its jurisdiction as established by the university; (G) provide, when requested, advice to the Director of the Leadership Institute on initiatives to provide leadership training, education, and development opportunities at the university, local, and state level; (H) collaborate with the Director of the Leadership Institute in overseeing the operations of the Leader Advancement Scholarship protocol; (I) provide assistance and advice to the Dean of Students on the selection of the Director of the Leadership Institute; and (J) determine the responsible college for interdisciplinary majors and minors under its jurisdiction.
PeriodFeb 1 2020
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