Journals, Books and Proposal Review (External organization)

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1. Book: “Finite Element Analysis-Theory and Applications with ANSYS,” Saeed Moaveni, 4th Edition, Pearson. 2. Mitacs Accelerate Proposal Application: “Design and optimization of topography based customizable mini-scleral contact lenses.” 3. “Influence of loading direction on the dislocation glide” Journal: Computational Materials Science, Manuscript ID: COMMAT-D-18-00414 4. “Indentation plasticity and fracture studies of organic crystals” Journal: Crystal, Manuscript ID: crystals-231900 5. “Design And Structural Analysis Of A Pontoon Vessel” Conference: ICME, Manuscript ID: ICME-43 6. “An Investigation of a Cargo Ship Hull Vibration Using full Integral Method”, Conference: ICME, Manuscript ID: ICME-57 7. “An Analysis of Stress Intensity Factor of Four Equally Spaced Edge Cracks in a Functionally Graded Material Cylinder”, Conference: ICME, Manuscript ID: ICME-263 8. “Synthesis and Characterization of UHMWPE Nanocomposite Fibers Containing Carbon Nanotubes Coated with a PVP Surfactant Layer” Journal: Polymer Composites, Journal Ref No: PC-17-0511 9. "Coaxial electrospinning of polycaprolactone core-shell nanofibers encapsulating cancer drug 5-fluorouracil." Journal: Journal of Nanopharmaceutics and Drug Delivery, Journal Ref No: 15-149. 10. “Experimental study of Thermopower of SWCNTs and SiC Nanoparticles with B-P (Born-Phosphorus) Sol-gel Dopants.” Journal: Materials Research Innovation, Journal Ref. No: MRI1786R1 11. “Synthesis and application of straight and helical CNTs for the enhancement of mechanical and thermal properties of nanocomposites.” Conference: IMECE 2014, Paper No. IMECE2014-39209. 12. “Role of a single surface vacancy on the tensile stress-strain relations of single crystal Ni nanowire”. Journal: Computational Materials Science, ID: COMMAT-D-13-01449R1
PeriodDec 31 2017
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