Management Department, Co-revised capstone project (pilot), MGT 499 (External organization)

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Background. Dr. Vendette and I are revising MGT 499's current capstone project and piloting a new pedagogical idea. This pilot willl be implemented in Dr. Vendette's two face-to-face sections of MGT 499 (Strategic Management) during Fall 2022. These sections of MGT 499 meet Tues/Thursday from (1) 11a-12:15p (Section 22426084) and (2) 12:30p-1:45p (Section 22426085). The pilot would embrace MGT 499’s integrative design, creating a new, more transformational Capstone experience where students have the opportunity to participate in a consulting-based project serving the CBA. (i.e., the students would serve as the 'consultants’ and the CBA/Hub would be the ‘client’). Objective: Pilot a new capstone project in MGT 499 that provides students a more experiential learning experience during Fall 2022.

Deliverable for Capstone Project: Have students complete a needs assessment to aid the Hub in prioritizing key strategic initiatives during its initial phase of development.
PeriodJun 1 2022
Held atManagement Department, Co-revised capstone project (pilot), MGT 499