Pi Sigma Alpha, Honorary Member (External organization)

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Today, Pi Sigma Alpha hosts chapters on nearly 850 campuses and has inducted more than 300,000 members. Its rolls feature national, state, and local political leaders including one president, three Supreme Court justices, and dozens of members of Congress. Through these 100 years there have been many changes but neither the mission of the organization or the quality of the young men and women inducted has changed. Each year those who have achieved academic excellence are inducted and display the same passion for politics and policy. Like those who first joined, today’s student strives to uphold the purpose of Pi Sigma Alpha first described in 1919: “to encourage the scientific and practical study of problems of government, to foster reforms in our governmental machinery, and to aid in the education of the electorate in problems of government.”
PeriodOct 1 2015
Held atPi Sigma Alpha, Honorary Member
Degree of RecognitionNational