Political Science And Public Administration (Organizational unit)

    Activity: MembershipMembership of committee


    Since 2018, I have served as the Faculty Advisor for future educators in the Social Studies Major: Political Science Concentration. This is a fairly large major, with 46 signed majors in 2019 and 51 in 2020. In advising sessions with these students, I sign majors, provide course modifications, and advise students on class offerings and combinations of majors/minors that will serve them best on the teacher labor market.

    This role also requires that I review student applications for student teaching at the end of each semester. This requires me to assess whether the student teaching candidates have, or are likely to meet the requirements of the Social Studies Major with a concentration in Political Science, prior to student teaching.

    Finally, this role requires that I evaluate requests from post-baccalaureate students seeking endorsements in Social Studies: Political Science for their projected Secondary Teaching Certificate. These endorsements create binding program contracts so that post-baccalaureate students do not have to re-take courses they completed as undergraduates. This work requires that I evaluate the post-baccalaureate student’s undergraduate transcript and write a program contract for the missing courses toward the Social Studies: Political Science degree.
    PeriodAug 1 2018