Sociology, Anthropology & Social Work (Organizational unit)

    Activity: MembershipMembership of committee


    1. Refine and plan two phase Inter-professional Education activities for students in multiple disciplines.
    2. Assure social work student participation in coordination with social work field director.
    3. Help facilitate large group educational activities for students.
    4. Support and assess student IP teams in community outreach to seniors as faculty observer. 1. Held two sessions of fall event and two session of spring event for 450-500 students in health professions from Ferris, Mid-Michigan College and CMU. (Second event cancelled due to COVID in 2020.)
    2. Sent about 100 student teams into homes in the fall. (starting in 2018)
    3. Served as faculty supervisor for 2-3 home visits (start Fall 2018)
    PeriodJan 1 2013