Teacher & Special Education (Organizational unit)

  • Xiaoping Li (Chair)

Activity: MembershipMembership of committee


a. Arranging meeting times and dates and making room reservations; b. Prioritizing agenda items, and distributing agenda to committee members in advance of a meeting; c. Collecting information related to specific committee work on agenda items prior to a scheduled meeting; d. Rotating minutes-taking responsibility among committee members; and distributing minutes to all department members, the chairperson, and office staff as appropriate for record keeping purposes and dissemination to other university bodies as required; e. Issuing memoranda as appropriate to inform faculty of committee decisions regarding materials submitted, and filing copies with office staff for record keeping purposes; f. Recording committee recommendations on action items; g. Communicating with the department chairperson to keep him/her informed of action items to be brought before the department for a vote, and the status and progress of committee work; h. Reporting monthly to the department the results of committee work and soliciting input or votes as appropriate; i. Preparing ballots for written balloting on action items at department meetings; j. Following through on both committee decisions which do not require a departmental vote and recommendations which are approved by the department; k. Reporting on critical issues or issues of concern discussed in monthly college-wide or university-wide meetings; l. Outgoing and incoming committee chairs meet no later than the August workweek to discuss status of committee; new chair will receive all written documentation at that time. 1. Assist Middle Level Program Review 2. Assist Early Childhood Education Master Program Review 3. Assist the MCS Review for the Teacher Leadership MA program
PeriodAug 1 2009
Held atTeacher & Special Education