World Languages And Cultures (Organizational unit)

Activity: MembershipMembership of committee


Planning, academic advising, scheduling courses, graduate assistantship securing and oversight of program and students, program and GA evaluation, curricular changes and updating, admission process and new student selection, publicity and recruitment. 1) Creation and securing of six graduate assistantships for new students and coordinating a major program revamp that these assistantships entailed. 2) Internationalization of program with five students from Latin America, Spain and Ghana. 3) Creation and implementation of an accelerated option of MA program for undergraduate students. 4) Transition from a Plan B Paper option to a Comprehensive Exam, plus initiating and oversight of the creation of the exam procedures, reading lists and question bank. 5) Increasing the number of offered courses from one to three per semester. 6) Oversight of creation, curricular process and approval of nine new courses added to program course offerings: • SPN 575 –Theory and Practice of Translation • SPN 585—Introduction to Linguistics • SPN 615 –Themes in Latin American Cultural Studies • SPN 621—Spanish American Literature: Colonial to 19th century • SPN 622—Spanish American Literature: 20th and 21st centuries • SPN 623 –Critical Thinking Through Hispanic Literature • SPN 631—Spanish Medieval and Golden Age Literature • SPN 632—Spanish 18th to 21 century Literature • SPN 665—Formal Instruction and Acquisition of Spanish 7) Broad curricular changes: new courses, requirements and changes to study abroad requirement. 8) Oversight of two groups of students in a new summer study abroad site in Valencia, Spain (2012, 2013) and in current site in Alicante, Spain in 2014. 9) Creation of new documents and forms which didn’t exist before: all new publicity fliers and brochures, new photos, GA description and application form, application checklists, advising sheets, student lists, comprehensive exam procedures, guidelines and reading lists. 10) Web presence: updating of MA in Spanish webpage; creation of a Facebook account and its regular maintenance; Google AdWord campaign (with positive results of 3 students reporting its usefulness) 11) All the above-mentioned efforts resulted in increasing the number of students enrolled in the program from 7 to 17.
PeriodAug 1 2011Aug 31 2014
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