Dr. Diane E. Newby for Inclusive Excellence in Education Award

  • Ford, Amy Carpenter (Recipient)

Prize: Honorary award


Nominees for the Award for Inclusive Excellence in Education have demonstrated diligence and consistency in working towards the systematic development and inculcation of inclusive, equitable and just praxis, pedagogy and/or policy in educational environments.

Amy Ford works to prepare a generation of English teachers who are aware of their own identities, who view the identities of their students in terms of assets rather than deficits, and who know how to capitalize on students’ diverse identities in their teaching. Moreover, she has been integral in the development of new standards for English teacher education through the Michigan Department of Education. She also is currently part of a large research grant aimed at nurturing teachers from Indigenous communities as an effort to diversify the teaching force and better support Indigenous students in K-12 schools.
Granting OrganizationsCentral Michigan University Office for Institutional Diversity, Equity and Inclusion