Master Certificate in Supply Chain Management & Logistics

  • Goffnett, Sean Patrick (Recipient)

Prize: Other distinction


True to their objectives, Michigan State’s Master Certificate in Supply Chain Management and Logistics taught me how to reduce costs across the supply chain, driving operational excellence throughout all levels. The program provided the insight of leading global research faculty, case studies, real-world strategies and examples, as well as valuable networking opportunities. From this wealth of information and expertise, I gained an integrated perspective of procurement, operations and logistics. I also learned how to develop, execute and manage a comprehensive logistics and distribution strategy. This professional development series provided the skills and knowledge to: -Successfully integrate procurement, operations and logistics management -Implement the best supply chain design for your organization -Achieve effective and efficient logistical operations through your market distribution strategy development, implementation and management -Analyze types of power and resolve conflict in your channels -Evaluate and select the appropriate channel structure(s) based on cost and profitability
Granting OrganizationsMichigan State University