A Student Laser Facility

  • Sieradzan, Andrzej A. (PI)

Grant Details


The Physics Department at Central Michigan University will establish a student laboratory dedicated to laser physics. This laboratory will be located in the new science building presently under construction. Four sets of experiments will be available that cover the topics of the principles of laser operation, holography, non-linear spectroscopy, and solid state lasers. Each of the basic experiments can be extended to more detailed studies. These experiments have been chosen to illustrate the state-of-the-art applications, equipment and techniques presently in use in optics. The laboratory will serve students in the Physics Department optics course as well as physics majors doing a senior research project. In addition, it will be used by non-physics students, particularly from the Art Department and from local high schools. The use by non-physics student will mainly involve the production of holograms. The award is being matched by an equal amount of non-federal funds.

Effective start/end date05/15/8910/31/91


  • National Science Foundation: $19,950.00


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