A Workshop for Integrative and Sustainable Food, Energy, and Water in Transitioning Urban Landscapes

  • Miller, Carol J. (PI)
  • Lemke, Lawrence (CoPI)
  • Pothukuchi, Kameshwari K. (CoPI)
  • Mcelmurry, Shawn S. (CoPI)
  • Zhang, Yongli Y. (CoPI)

Grant Details


1541869 (Miller). This workshop will: 1) provide a forum to consider sustainability within the context of transitioning urban landscapes and economies, and 2) lead to a deeper understanding of the integrative nature of food, energy, and water systems within post-industrial urban environs (e.g., Detroit and Baltimore). Research on sustainability in maturing urban environments, yet with potential for future growth and development, provides an opportunity for setting and meeting sustainable goals. The pursuit of environmental sustainability, especially in relation to food, energy, and water, is less intuitive in aged and shrinking post-industrial urban settings despite the prevalence of such cities within the global arena and there is a clear need for research and education that supports such a mission in these areas. Given their age, geographical locations, and complex social-ecological histories, the examination and comparison of the Cities of Detroit and Baltimore provide a unique opportunity for evaluation of research needs and opportunities in food-energy-water sustainability.

The workshop will provide a collaborative gathering of experts and practitioners with a specialized focus on sustainability of food, energy, water systems in the context of transitioning landscapes. The workshop will identify gaps in existing intellectual resources and plan a path forward for resolution of those gaps.

Effective start/end date07/15/1503/31/16


  • National Science Foundation: $28,840.00


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