An Introductory Computer Science Laboratory

  • Stinson, Michael M.C. (PI)
  • Hu, Gongzhu (CoPI)
  • Murthy, S. N. Jayaram S. (CoPI)

Grant Details


This project establishes a dedicated laboratory for the introductory Computer Science course sequence for majors, namely CPS 180 and CPS 181. The laboratory hardware consists of 30 Mcintosh computers that are networked to a file server/instructor workstation. Laser printers provide hardcopy output and the software includes a Pascal compiler. In these courses, students are expected to understand the general concepts of problem solving using computers. They are also expected to master programming skills with the use of a structured language for the implementation of algorithms. The laboratory facilities are utilized in the classroom to give demonstrations and planned in-class assignments to clarify a concept, to demonstrate an idea and/or to teach a skill. This project is significant because it adds the most important component that has been missing in classrooms for teaching computer courses, namely the computer. During the in- class experiments, problem solving efforts are closely monitored by the faculty teaching the course. Debugging skills are taught under supervised conditions. Outside of class hours, students registered in these courses have priority access to the laboratory facilities to complete the programming assignments. This laboratory provides excellent facilities through which the instructors enhance their teaching effectiveness. The award is being matched by an equal amount from the principal investigator's institution.

Effective start/end date07/1/9012/31/92


  • National Science Foundation: $49,543.00


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