Concept-Driven Laboratory Course in Behavioral Neuroscience

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This project is improving the psychology curriculum by implementing a basic level laboratory course in behavioral neuroscience. The course is providing undergraduates with hands-on experience using current techniques and instrumentation within the context of addressing a relevant research topic. Laboratory exercises are being integrated into a group experiment designed to address a specific research question of current interest. Each student is being given a rat to use for learning a sequence of basic techniques: lesioning, behavioral assessment (using computerized technology), histological procedures, and quantification of their neuroanatomical samples (using a computerized image analysis system). Data from all students is being pooled and analyzed individually (using SAS software). Each student is then writing up the results within the context of the research question that the group experiment addressed. Students are thus being better prepared for further inquiry in the neurosciences through advanced courses in the curriculum.

Effective start/end date06/1/9311/30/95


  • National Science Foundation: $25,977.00


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