Connections Between Algebra and Geometry

  • Cooper, Susan S.M. (PI)

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The workshop 'Connections Between Algebra and Geometry' will be held at the University of Regina, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, May 29 - June 1, 2012. The workshop will be held immediately before the Canadian Mathematical Society (CMS) Summer Meeting June 2 - 4, 2012, at the same site. This workshop will introduce participants to current research topics in the intersection of Algebra and Geometry. The workshop will consist of three courses (Differential Graded Commutative Algebra; Secant Varieties; Fat Points and Symbolic Powers) for graduate students and recent Ph.D.?s that will partially prepare participants for one of the special sessions being organized at the 2012 CMS Summer Meeting and will create long-lasting collaborations. Travel and lodging support to facilitate participation, especially for graduate students and recent Ph.D.'s, is a key element for the success of the workshop. The main goals of this workshop are to help participants in the field to: interact with leading researchers in Algebra and Geometry; learn about recent developments in these fields; exchange ideas with one another; and develop collaborations with other mathematicians in Canada and the U.S.A. for future research. In addition, we plan to share the course information and progress made during the workshop with the broader mathematical community.

Each day of the workshop will consist of a lecture and related problem session for each of the three courses. In addition, there will be plenty of time reserved outside of talks for additional interaction. The workshop will provide a focused venue for graduate students, recent Ph.D.'s, and established researchers to enrich their background on diverse aspects of the disciplines, to learn about recent developments, and to establish connections with other researchers. In addition to the stimulation and enrichment of the research careers of the students and early career participants, participants from non-Ph.D. granting institutions will take ideas from the conference back to their colleagues and students, stimulating further research and mathematical enrichment at their home institutions. Full details of the workshop can be found at the conference web-page:

Effective start/end date02/1/1204/30/13


  • National Science Foundation: $15,340.00


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