Intelligent Sidewalk De-icing and Pre-treatment with Connected Campus Maintenance Vehicles

  • Labi, Samuel (PI)
  • Bullock, Darcy (PI)
  • Brewer, Robin (PI)
  • Gritza, Konstantina (PI)
  • Peeta, Srinivas (PI)
  • Yin, Yafeng (PI)
  • Masoud, Neda (PI)
  • Al-qadi, Amad (PI)
  • Meidani, Hadi (CoPI)
  • Ouyang, Yanfeng (CoPI)
  • Ozer, Hasan (CoPI)
  • Roesler, Jeffrey (CoPI)
  • Bills, Tierra (PI)
  • Liu, Henry (PI)
  • Flannagan, Carol (CoPI)
  • Peng, Huei (PI)
  • Fricker, Jon (PI)
  • Pradhan, Anuj (PI)
  • Gkritza, Konstantina (PI)
  • Feng, Yiheng (PI)
  • Yi, Ping (PI)
  • Li, Yongfu (CoPI)
  • Kandiah, Ramanitharan (PI)
  • Lin, Brian (PI)
  • Mousas, Christos (PI)

Grant Details


Develop an automated system for precision application of de-icing chemicals on-campus and urban sidewalks that will reduce excessive chemical application and will result in less environmental impact, reduced infrastructure aging, and cost savings. The development platform will be a small electric vehicle to provide students the opportunity to have a hands-on development environment that can be safely used on campus without extensive coordination necessary for large commercial vehicles.

Effective start/end date11/1/1609/30/22


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