MRI: Acquisition of a Vicon system for multi-disciplinary research and education in rehabilitation engineering

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This proposal requests a Vicon Motion System T160S (Oxford Metrics Ltd) to replace an outdated Qualysis system for motion analysis currently used at Central Michigan University (CMU). The Vicon offers a unique combination of features that will enable cutting-edge research as well as research-based instruction in the area of rehabilitation engineering. The features include: greater camera resolution; wider aperture with greater accuracy of signal processing; minimal latency of real-time feedback; and capabilities for integration with most industrial as well as with custom-made soft- and hardware. The system will serve as a key instrument for establishing a human motion laboratory, currently missing at the university. Establishing the laboratory will expand the opportunities for multi-disciplinary collaboration across disciplines such as engineering and rehabilitation sciences.

Effective start/end date09/1/1308/31/16


  • National Science Foundation: $252,024.00


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