National Science Foundation Workshop Proposal: Periodic Patterns and Relationships of Well-Defined Nano-Building Blocks

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Proposal Number: CBET-0707510

Principal Investigator: Tomalia, Donald

Affiliation: Central Michigan University

Proposal Title: National Science Foundation Workshop Proposal: Periodic patterns and Relationships of Well-Defined Nano-Building Blocks

Intellectual Merit

Based on unique nano-periodicity patterns that have been observed and documented for two well defined nano-modules (i.e., dendrimers and colloidal metal clusters/quantum dots) there is substantial optimism that a unifying strategy for defining 'nano-periodicity' either within or between certain quantized nano-modules may be possible. Success in this endeavor would provide new perspectives and strategies for predicting physico-chemical properties, as well as risk/benefit parameters in the field of nano-materials. It is proposed that a two day NSF Workshop meeting be organized which is composed of (10-15) interdisciplinary, 'nanoscale module experts' and certain interested NIH, NCL, FDA and/or EPA representatives. The objective of the workshop would be to examine documented examples of nano-periodicity patterns existing within known nano-building block categories (i.e., dendrimers, quantum dots, nanotubes, fullerenes, viruses, proteins, DNA/RNA and other well defined colloidal materials), as well as nano-patterns that exist between these building blocks categories. This focus would include critical nano issues such as; size scaling, architecture, self assembly processes, chemical reactivities, chemical bond formation, stoichiometries, shape relationships, physical/chemical properties and nano-characterization methodologies.

Broader Impact

Nanotechnology has become a widely studied subject across many disciplines. Unification will become increasingly necessary in order to realize the potential achievements promised. The invited speakers are among the top experts from various sectors, selected to cover various angles of this topic from multi-disciplinary perspective. Important outcomes of the proposed workshop include the articulation of the potential evolution of a universal nano-materials nomenclature., which will have wide ranging impact on the science and on industrial applications. The results of discussion will be summarized in a final report which will consist of recommendations to sponsoring agencies, proposed roadmap and R/D needs and priorities in related areas, formation of task forces for follow up on action items and recommendations.

Effective start/end date06/1/0705/31/08


  • National Science Foundation: $17,040.00


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