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This project is developing an innovative introductory biology course to better prepare K-8 science teachers for the increasing demands of science education. The Next Generation K-12 Science Standards, which are the national 'common core' for K-12 science education, include an increased emphasis on the use of scientific practices in K-12 science education. The vision of the new standards is to more fully integrate the teaching of science concepts with inquiry-based investigations performed by the students. Because many teachers have come through a traditional method of science instruction in our colleges and universities they have no personal frame of reference upon which they can model the design of inquiry-based instruction. By designing a college biology course for preservice elementary (K-8) teachers that integrates science content, scientific processes, and scientific pedagogy, the project is increasing the ability of teachers to design and implement inquiry-based lessons and better prepare them to be effective 'Next Generation' science teachers.

The impact of this project involves improving teacher quality with the expectation of having a cascading effect on the quality of science education regionally and nationally. This project is helping develop and disseminate a new way of educating science teachers that integrates the science content, practices, and pedagogy.

Effective start/end date03/1/1302/28/18


  • National Science Foundation: $179,770.00


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