NUE: Incorporating Nanotechnology Into the 1st and 2nd Year Chemistry Laboratory Curricula at CMU

  • Chai, Minghui (PI)
  • Majorski, Sharyl (CoPI)

Grant Details


This Nanotechnology in Undergraduate Education (NUE) award to Professor Minghui Chai at Central Michigan University is made by the Division of Chemistry to support the development and incorporation of new laboratory modules that emphasize current concepts and principles of nanoscience and nanotechnology for the first- and second-year chemistry curricula for students at Central Michigan University (CMU). In addition, an outreach activity offers local teachers at the secondary education level a series of workshops in nanoscience and nanotechnology with talks, demos and hands-on activities. The project's objectives are: 1) to integrate current visualization and characterization tools (e.g. AFM, NMR, etc.) into the existing chemistry laboratory curricula; 2) to interest students early in their academic careers in nanotechnology and to take subsequent advanced courses in materials science and instrumentation; 3) to prepare early science students with versatile problem solving skills thus shortening the time to enable an undergraduate student to become an effective researcher in their senior research projects; 4) to educate a more productive workforce that is literate in nanotechnology; and 5) to disseminate nanotechnology by training secondary educators in the Mt. Pleasant school district. The project also encourages women, including undergraduate students and secondary education teachers, to participate in the nanotechnology educational program. The associated outreach activities (science demonstrations to younger population and the workshop for secondary school teachers) will also have a direct impact by disseminating nanotechnology to a wider range of citizens.

Effective start/end date07/1/0406/30/06


  • National Science Foundation: $100,000.00


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