RPG: Identity Transformation in Drug Addiction: Extending the Explanatory Power of an Identity-Based Etiological Model

  • Anderson, Tammy T.L. (PI)

Grant Details


This is a Research Planning Grant for a woman scientist. It is a study of identity transformation in drug addiction, examining the impact of cultural, social-structural, and personal factors. It extends the internal and external validity, chiefly in conceptual coherence and scope, of an identity-based etiological model of addiction that has earlier demonstrated success in explaining the identity transformations of addicts following their movement into drug addiction. A research instrument will be constructed and preliminary analysis will be undertaken, including instrument refinement, using a stratified probability sample of diverse individuals (whites and blacks, males and females) seeking treatment for drug addiction in Michigan. The results of the ultimate research project promise to produce a more culturally and structurally inclusive identity-based etiological model of drug addiction and an increased understanding of the link between maco-sociological and micro-sociological processes in identity formation. %%% This project will contribute to solution of a difficult social problem with extensive policy implications, and it will extend an important scientific theory concerning the ways that personal and social factors shape an individual's self-image. In addition, it will assist a woman scientist in establishing a productive research career.

Effective start/end date07/15/9412/31/95


  • National Science Foundation: $18,000.00


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