Sports, Race, and American Culture: A History of African Americans in Golf

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The Game of Privilege will be the definitive history of golf in the African American community -- a book that does not exist and one that would be valuable to both humanities scholars and the general public. A cultural history of race and golf placed within the broader context of American history since the late nineteenth century, the book will explore the game's rise alongside events such as the Great Migration, the Harlem Renaissance, and the postwar civil rights movement. Along the way, it will illuminate the stories of individuals who appropriated the movement's shifting rhetoric not only to access schools and voting booths but also to participate in America's most privileged sport. The book will provide significant insight into how race, class, and leisure impacted African American history and the quest for civil rights, as well as the surprising ways in which black people have deeply influenced golf's development since 1880.
Effective start/end date05/1/1406/30/14


  • National Endowment for the Humanities: $6,000.00


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