The Central Michigan University Geophysics Project

  • Stahl, Stephen S.D. (PI)

Grant Details


Equipment for gravity and magnetic surveying will be incorporated into laboratory experiences in geophysics courses. By taking advantage of naturally occurring changes in density and magnetic susceptibility in rocks, the instruments provide information on the subsurface geologic structure. These instruments will add to the information that can be obtained from a resistivity meter and seismograph already on hand in the analysis of geological problems. The equipment will also be used for demonstration and laboratory exercises in upper and lower division courses, and will be used by students in independent study an senior theses. These projects will focus on studies of Precambrian rocks in Michigan's western upper peninsula; because of the paucity of rock exposure in this area, geophysical techniques will be employed by all students regardless of the primary emphasis of their study. The university will provide 50% matching funds.

Effective start/end date07/1/8912/31/91


  • National Science Foundation: $12,293.00


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