Undergraduate Faculty Enhancement Workshop: Introductory Engineering Design, Engineering Design Graphics (EDG), and Technical Graphics (TG) Problem Solving

  • Nee, John J.G. (PI)

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The principle objective of the proposed project is to greatly improve the quality of entry level design, Engineeering Design graphics (EDG), and Technical Graphics (TG) courses throughout the United sttes. Faculty members teaching at community colleges, technical institutes, and universities are the target population. Their students will benefit from the content and process developed during the project. The project will initiate greater understanding about the engineering design process that exists in university/college/technical institute level introductory beginning level (freshman/sophore) design, EDG and TG classes. The project will bring together educational and industrial leaders with concerns and responsibilities for introductory design via a national level five day long workshop. The workshop participants will develop strategies and curriculum materials suitable for infusing the design process into introductory level courses. Faculty participants will be drawn from community college, technical institute, and university ranks. A monograph containing the workshop outcomes will be developed and disseminated nationally. Twenty-five(25) faculty participants and a minimum of five(5) consultants will be directly involved in the preparation of 1800 monographs copies (150) pages each) which will be disseminated and used by faculty to affect at least 100,000 undergraduate and 1500 pre-college students.

Effective start/end date02/15/9807/31/00


  • National Science Foundation: $75,530.00


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