University of North Dakota Computer Science, Engineering, and Mathematics Scholars Program

  • Stanlake, Lowell L. (PI)
  • Johnson, Arnold A. (CoPI)
  • Gilsdorf, Thomas (CoPI)
  • O'neil, Thomas T. (CoPI)
  • Allery, Alan A. (CoPI)

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The University of North Dakota School of Engineering and Mines, the Computer Science Department at the Center for Aerospace Studies, and the Mathematics Department in conjunction with the Office of Native American Programs has established a scholarship program designed to assist students in the computer science, math, and engineering fields.

The goal of the University of North Dakota Computer Science, Engineering, and Mathematics Scholarship Program is to raise the number of disadvantaged students, women, and minorities students pursing majors and minors in technological fields to the highest possible level. To accomplish that goal, the Principal Investigator, Co-Principal Investigators, and the Management Team at the University of North Dakota have established the following three objectives:

1. To recruit and support 40 students in the Computer Science, Engineering and Math fields that meet the financial need and project criterion, have the potential of obtaining their degrees in the aforementioned fields by December 31, 200l, and have demonstrated academic merit in their application for a scholarship.

2. To provide a high quality and sustained faculty/student relationships between all 40 scholarship recipients and their mentors within the Computer Science, Engineering, and Math faculty, and closely monitor their progress.

3. To provide support/enhancement activities and opportunities to all 40 scholarship recipients during each of the four academic terms of the project.

The primary method being used to achieve the aforementioned goal and objectives is by establishment of a high quality faculty/student mentoring relationships that are supported by existing administrative, social, and academic support currently available at the University of North Dakota. The method has been highly successful in previous projects at the University. The University of North Dakota has been and continues to be a national leader in producing graduates among women, ethnic and cultural minorities, disabled students, first generation college students, and those that are financially disadvantaged.

The project is increasing the number of diverse graduates in each of the computer science, engineering, and mathematics fields. In addition, the project is providing access to scholarship opportunities for rural and farm country students who have been affected by the depressed farm economy, natural disasters, or long-time impoverishment.

Effective start/end date03/1/0002/28/05


  • National Science Foundation: $495,000.00


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