X-Ray Structural Studies of (a) Sterically Hindered Organoaluminum Compounds, and (b) Optically Active Organoaluminum Compounds

  • Bailey, Marcia M. (PI)

Grant Details


This Research Opportunities for Women Research Planning Grant is in the general area of inorganic, bioinorganic, and organometallic chemistry and in the subfield of structural inorganic chemistry. During the twelve month period beginning 15 August 1989, Professor Bailey will work with Professor John P. Oliver of Wayne State University to determine, by X-ray diffraction, the structures of several sterically hindered and optically active organoaluminum compounds. These pursuits will enable Professor Bailey to develop her background in main group organometallic chemistry and to refresh her skills in modern X- ray diffraction and related computer methods for molecular structure determination by single-crystal X-ray analysis. These activities should contribute strongly to her establishing an independent research program in her own laboratory at Central Michigan University upon her return there in August, 1990. The research area that is to be explored in this project is an important one and the results of the work could contribute significantly to basic knowledge in this area.

Effective start/end date08/15/8901/31/91


  • National Science Foundation: $12,000.00


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