A deterritorialization of mathematics education

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What counts as research in mathematics education? Félix Guattari used the term deterritorialization to denote the destruction of social territories, collective identities, and systems of traditional values. Still according to Guattari, when you engage in a project, for example, a new research project, you can internalize a pre-existing model, a consummate object against which one could measure the ends and the means, or you can try to live the field of the possible that is carried along by the assemblages of enunciation. What are the consummate objects that comprise the dominant models of research in mathematics education and what different models are reterritorializing research on the borders? I will do an exposition on a few types of research in mathematics education that are out there in the present scenario, but that are made invisible by the machinic assemblage of research publishing, including the hierarchy of journals, modes of training and transmission, and the fetish of evidence.
Original languageEnglish
StatePublished - Nov 22 2022
EventGraduate Student Seminar - Department of Mathematics, Central Michigan University
Duration: Nov 22 2022Nov 22 2022


SeminarGraduate Student Seminar


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