A Team Approach to Accountability

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The definition of accountability is “the state of being accountable.” The definition of accountable is “being responsible for one’s own actions.” Does your team all see the same action as the most important for driving your school’s success? In this session, attendees will explore techniques to building a team approach to accountability with a shared burden of success. Learn to empower your most effective teachers to motivate and mentor others as they discover that the greatest success can only be achieved when all are committed to achieving the same outcomes. Explore ideas in how you can achieve buy-in from your team on even the tedious of tasks and establish a solution-oriented culture to take your school to the next level!
Original languageEnglish
StatePublished - Mar 10 2015
EventInnovators in Education Conference - Lansing, MI
Duration: Mar 10 2015Mar 10 2015


ConferenceInnovators in Education Conference


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