Action plans and quality of life evaluations

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A written asthma action plan is an important element of asthma self-management in children and adults. It provides patients instructions for managing both the acute and long-term aspects of asthma. Studies suggested that optimal asthma self-management and an action plan can improve asthma outcomes. These outcomes include reduction in asthma-related hospital admissions, emergency department visits, systemic corticosteroid use, short-acting β2 agonist use, nighttime symptoms, days off work or school, and the number of limited activity days. Evidence also supports the benefits of an asthma action plan on improving the quality of life (QOL) of asthma patients and their caregivers, and adherence to asthma medications. However, the majority of the studies did not investigate if the benefits are from the use of asthma action plan alone or due to other aspects of asthma self-management education combined. Nevertheless, it is recommended that all patients with asthma should have an action plan, especially in those with moderate or severe persistent asthma, a history of severe exacerbation, or poorly controlled asthma. Lack of an asthma action plan is considered one of the risk factors of asthma exacerbation and asthma death. A food allergy action plan should be provided to patients, caregivers, and school staff to implement emergency treatment in case of an allergic reaction due to exposure to food that an individual is allergic to. It can potentially help improve anaphylaxis outcomes by improving the use of epinephrine auto-injectors. Several asthma-related and food-related QOL assessment instruments are available for children, adults, and caregivers. Disease-specific QOL questionnaires can help provide a complete assessment of the impact of the disease on patients/caregivers and develop effective interventions that matter to the individuals, which can lead to the improvement of medication adherence, and hence, the disease outcomes.

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Title of host publicationAllergic and Immunologic Diseases
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StatePublished - Jan 1 2022


  • Asthma action plan
  • anaphylaxis action plan
  • asthma quality of life questionnaire
  • disease-specific health-related quality of life assessment tools
  • food allergy action plan
  • food allergy quality of life questionnaire
  • written action plan


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