Action Studies for Beginning Cello

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Learning cello technique can be tedious and often overwhelming for beginning students. We can help students not be overwhelmed by breaking down technique into smaller, more manageable segments and focusing on one facet of technique at a time. It is also beneficial to introduce new motions off the instrument before attempting them on the instrument. We can also look for ways to make cello technique fun, if that is possible! One way to accomplish this is to make use of exercises or “Action Studies” that concentrate on a single technical motion or “action” at a time and are fun and entertaining for the students. This presentation will seek to provide Action Studies for the cello that not only instill good playing habits but are also enjoyable for the student and teacher.
Original languageEnglish
StatePublished - Jan 24 2009
Event4th Annual Michigan Music Conference - Amway Grand, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Duration: Jan 24 2009Jan 24 2009


Other4th Annual Michigan Music Conference


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