Actions to enhance interactive learning in surgery

Faiz Tuma, Rafael D. Malgor, Aussama K. Nassar

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Introduction: Many educational institutions and academic organizations provide concise and highly organized educational material for the trainees and training programs, while others do not. The role of interactive technology-enhanced learning in surgical education is not entirely explored and disseminated despite common knowledge of such interactive educational technology. Utilizing such technology in the place of textbooks could replace a peer trainee and a teacher examiner. Evidence: Maximizing involvement, participation, and interactivity from both surgical trainees and their faculty has been shown to improve the quality and outcomes of surgical education. Given that there is an increasing trend towards shifting from traditional unidirectional teaching to learner-centered interactive teaching. Improving the educational activities setting from the traditional – didactic unidirectional lecture to multi-directional, interactive, engaging, and stimulating activity can enhance learners' educational outcomes. With the advent of educational technology, interactive and shared learning became more feasible and creative. Various educational technology platforms, instructional designs, and tools serve different educational purposes guided by educational activity's objective. Educational systems have integrated numerous widely technologies such as smartphones, tablets, and cloud-based services that greatly facilitate instructional strategies and teaching methods. Many institutions and programs have embraced the new technologies to enhance the overall learning process. Educational technology offers new concepts and applications in learning beyond faster communication or storage of digital resources. Furthermore, active and interactive learning in surgical education has been found to carry a strong and implied impact depending on how it is structured. To enhance and promote interactive surgical education on a broad scale, the following initiatives will be reviewed; interactive adult learning worldwide, wide sharing of knowledge and skills, and use of educational technology where it is pertinent. Conclusion: Residents and surgical training programs need assistance with the process of learning amid ongoing technological innovations. This guidance would leverage the training programs' educational efforts toward effective surgery training. Interactive educational learning technology is expected to fulfill this need by promoting knowledge sharing, skills learning to enhance educational outcomes.

Original languageEnglish
Article number102256
JournalAnnals of Medicine and Surgery
StatePublished - Apr 2021


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  • Surgical education


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