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Al-Khidr, literally "The Green [Man]" is a figure narrated in the Qur'an (18:60-82). Al-Khidr exemplifies the role of a spiritual master (in this case to Moses) who because of his special knowledge of predestination and the consequent actions performed from this perspective confounds the ordinary ethical sensabilities of Moses in a way that greatly impacts the reader of the narrative. Al-Khidr also becomes, like Elijah in Jewish folklore, a figure who bestows esoteric initiation and sometimes rescues pious people from danger. Al-Khidr serves as a model for the Sufi master and most Sufi masters attain the credential of having been visited by al-Khidr. In the Levant he is revered at shrines which are multiply dedicated to himself as well as to both Elijah and St. George. Al-Khidr also appears in the Persian versions of the Alexander Romance, in which al-Khidr as assistant to Alexander the Great, discovers the water of eternal life and from drinking it becomes immortal.
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