An interface-fitted adaptive mesh method for free interface problems

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<br>This work presents a novel two-dimensional interface-fitted adaptive mesh<br>method to solve elliptic problems of jump conditions across the interface, and its<br>application in free interface problems with surface tension. The interface-fitted mesh is achieved by two operations: (i) the projection of mesh nodes onto the interface and (ii) the insertion of mesh nodes right on the interface. The interface-fitting technique is combined with an existing adaptive mesh approach which uses addition/subtraction and displacement of mesh nodes. We develop a simple piecewise linear finite element method built on this interface-fitted mesh and prove its almost optimal convergence for elliptic problems with jump conditions across the interface. Applications to two free interface problems, a sheared drop in Stokes flow and the growth of a solid tumor, are presented. In these applications, the interface surface tension serves as the jump condition or the Dirichlet boundary condition of the pressure, and the pressure is solved with the interface-fitted finite element method developed in this work. This is a joint work with John Lowengrub of University of California at Irvine.<br><br><br>
Original languageEnglish
StatePublished - Oct 19 2019
EventSIAM Central States Section - Iowa State University
Duration: Oct 19 2019Oct 19 2019


ConferenceSIAM Central States Section


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