Archaeological Survey of the Heritage Village, Emmet County, Michigan

Research output: Other contributionTechnical Report


At the behest of the Mackinaw Area Historical Society and Village of Mackinaw City, Central Michigan University (CMU) conducted archaeological survey of portions of the Heritage Village, August 11-14, 2012. Dr. Surface-Evans directed the project and supervised students Nick Bacon, Megan Bauerle, S.K. Haase, Patrick Lawton, Justin Miller, Britini Rorher, and Joe Thomas. Dr. The goal of this investigation was to conduct targeted archaeological survey at several locales within the park to determine whether prehistoric or historic sites were present within those portions of the property. Three different areas were selected for investigation: garden site, grassy knoll, and forest dune (Figure 1.1). Archaeological survey consisted of shovel test probes (STPs) at each of these locations and a total of 98 STPs were excavated. Of particular concern was a possible early contact-era historic site that was discovered in the garden plot in 2011 (Figure 1.1, Area A) and was apparently being damaged due to illegal artifact prospecting. The CMU project assessed the nature, extent, and integrity of this possible early historic site. Our work determine that the site appears to be largely disturbed by prior earthmoving and digging at the site.
Original languageEnglish
StatePublished - Dec 2012


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