Biogas production from pistachio (Pistaciavera L.) de-hulling waste

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\textcopyright 2016 Taylor \& Francis Group, LLC. Pistachio processing wastes create significant waste management problems unless properly managed. However, there are not well-established methods to manage the waste generated during the processing of pistachios. Anaerobic digestion can be an attractive option not only for the management of pistachio processing wastes but also producing renewable energy in the form of biogas. This study investigated anaerobic digestibility and biogas production potential of pistachio de-hulling waste from wet de-hulling process. Best to our knowledge, this is the first report on biogas production from pistachio de-hulling waste. The results indicated that (1) anaerobic digestion of pistachio de-hulling wastewater, solid waste, and their mixtures in different ratios is possible with varying levels of performance; (2) 1 L of de-hulling wastewater (chemical oxygen demand concentration of 30 g/L) produced 0.7 L of methane; (3) 1 L of de-hulling wastewater and 20 g of pistachio de-hulling solid waste produced 1.25 L of methane; and (4) 1 g of de-hulling solid waste produced 62.6 mL of methane (or 134 mL of biogas).
Original languageEnglish
JournalInternational Journal of Green Energy
Issue number13
StatePublished - 2016


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