Experimental constraints on the Zn 73 (n,γ) Zn 74 reaction rate

R. Lewis, S. N. Liddick, A. C. Larsen, A. Spyrou, D. L. Bleuel, A. Couture, L. Crespo Campo, B. P. Crider, A. C. Dombos, M. Guttormsen, S. Mosby, F. Naqvi, G. Perdikakis, C. J. Prokop, S. J. Quinn, T. Renstrøm, S. Siem

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Background: The recent observation of a neutron-star merger finally confirmed one astrophysical location of the rapid neutron-capture process (r-process). Evidence of the production of A<140 nuclei was seen, but there is still little detailed information about how those lighter elements are produced in such an environment. Many of the questions surrounding the A≈80 nuclei are likely to be answered only when the nuclear physics involved in the production of r-process nuclei is well understood. Neutron-capture reactions are an important component of the r-process, and neutron-capture cross sections of r-process nuclei, which are very neutron rich, have large uncertainties. Purpose: Indirectly determine the neutron-capture cross section and reaction rate of Zn73(n,γ)Zn74. Methods: The nuclear level density (NLD) and γ-ray strength function (γSF) of Zn74 were determined following a total absorption spectroscopy (TAS) experiment focused on the β decay of Cu74 into Zn74 performed at the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory. The NLD and γSF were used as inputs in a Hauser-Feshbach statistical model to calculate the neutron-capture cross section and reaction rate. Results: The NLD and γSF of Zn74 were experimentally constrained for the first time using β-delayed γ rays measured with TAS and the β-Oslo method. The NLD and γSF were then used to constrain the neutron-capture cross section and reaction rate for the Zn73(n,γ)Zn74 reaction. Conclusions: The uncertainty in the neutron-capture cross section and reaction rate of Zn73(n,γ)Zn74 calculated in TALYS was reduced to under a factor of 2 from a factor of 5 in the cross section and a factor of 11 in the reaction rate using the experimentally obtained NLD and γSF.

Original languageEnglish
Article number034601
JournalPhysical Review C
Issue number3
StatePublished - Mar 1 2019


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