Food-Web Checkers (Game)

Hunter Carrick (Exhibitor)

Research output: Non-textual formExhibition


Dr. Carrick has developed a series of in-class games designed to engage students in direct problem-solving activities using a series of models for BIO 523 and BIO 526 Limnology. The models provide a framework around which rules the rules of the games are organized. For instance, in a food web game (entitled “Food Web Checkers”), the students use poker chips to trace carbon flow through a simple 4 trophic level food chain with a single return (or detrital side chain). Finally, they can deter how much the efficiency changes if some of the detrital carbon is return (through recycling) to the main food chain.
Original languageEnglish
StatePublished - Aug 28 2019
EventFood-Web Checkers (Game) - Mt. Pleasant, Michigan
Duration: Aug 28 2019Aug 28 2019


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