French Rule in the States of Parma 1796 - 1814. Working with Napoleon

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    “This scholarly and nuanced account of the lands of the Duchy of Parma in the Napoleonic era ranks with major works by Carlo Zaghi, Livio Antonielli, and Michael Broers in brilliantly illuminating the still contested era period of French domination in Italy. Harsanyi describes the evolution of a system that was vicious, grasping, capricious and always underpinned by the French occupiers’ conviction of their own cultural superiority, which could legitimate pretty much anything from the systematic theft of art to the imposition of conscription. Yet she also brilliantly shows how the French presence was fl exible, modernising, and brought positive and progressive reform. Harsanyi reveals a story of the pragmatic collaboration of local élites, based on career and stability rather than affection or ideology, who were skilled at tweaking French directives to their own ends. While French exploitation could trigger insurrection and resistance, French offi cials on the ground often displayed remarkable good sense. This brilliant book tells us not just about Parma and the wider Italian situation in the period of French domination, but about the very nature of empire.”<br>—David Laven, University of Nottingham, UK
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    StatePublished - Apr 29 2022


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