Generation talent: Revealing the best at any age.

Misty Marie Bennett, Sean Patrick Goffnett

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Work demands in logistics, especially in transportation and distribution, continue to intensify. Many distribution centers and fulfillment centers are operating at peak levels. Finding storage space is more difficult than ever before. The same can be said about finding and retaining talent, which in recent years has been increasingly difficult (Leon & Uddin, 2016). Finding reliable and timely transportation service providers may be a thing of the past. With the trucker shortage, the electronic logging mandate, growing demands for next day delivery…can it be any more difficult for distribution business managers? A storm is brewing. The question is: Are you ready for it?<br>In addition, employees are facing growing challenges from family situations such as having children, caring for aging parents, dealing with illness, or divorce. Work-family conflict is what happens when demands from work and family life overlap, spillover, or are not in sync (Greenhaus & Beutell, 1985). What makes the matter even more disconcerting for employers is that research shows work-family conflict remains despite instances where there is support from supervisors or new family-friendly policies in place (Allen et al., 2013). As employers face their own talent shortages and employees face inability to manage work and home life, the storm keeps building. The bigger question is: How can firms weather what could be – the perfect storm?
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)54-57
JournalDistribution Business Management Journal
Issue number1
StatePublished - 2018


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