Good Faith: The Bridge Between the Union and the Administration

Nancy Jean White

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This session will explore the applicability of the implied covenant of good faith, recognized by all states to a varying degree, as a tool to bridge the gap between unions and administration when contract dispute arise. In many situations the law requires parties to contracts to act in good faith when disagreements about what the contract means arise. Good faith has not been broadly recognized as existing in interactions between unions and administrators when disputes arise. However, it could be a tool to help the parties reach an understanding of disputed contract terms or meanings. While good faith is an element of unfair labor practice law this session is not about unfair labor practices or actions that might arise to the level of unfair labor practices. It concerns the day to day issues that arise when the parties disagree about what the contract requires or allows. For example, if you have one party who is using strained interpretations of the contract to favor their position that might be a violation of good faith.
Original languageEnglish
StatePublished - Mar 17 2017
EventNational Leadership Summit - Dallas, TX
Duration: Mar 17 2017Mar 17 2017


ConferenceNational Leadership Summit


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