Help Me Doctor with My “23 and Me” Results.

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In 2016 we implemented a new curriculum with “Vision and Change” as a driving force. All students take a 5-course sequence: Foundations of Evolution/Diversity, Foundations of Cell Biology, Foundations of Genetics, Foundations of Ecology, and Foundations of Form and Function. All courses use active learning strategies and two of the courses (Cell Biology and Genetics) are taught exclusively with a Team-Based Learning approach in a modern active learning environment. The third course in our sequence is “Foundations of Genetics” and covers molecular, transmission, and some population genetics concepts. Prior to class students are provided note-taking guides and podcasts to prepare them for class. In class students take individual and group readiness tests, and then the majority of class time is spent working on case studies and advanced problems in groups. Before students come to class on days that we cover the concept of mutations, they watch podcasts that cover types of mutations (substitution, insertion/deletion, and expanding repeats), effects of mutations (missense, nonsense, frameshift, and silent), effects of conditional and suppressor mutations, and differences between somatic and germline mutations. After individual and group assessments students work in groups on the “23 and Me” case study. To introduce Students to personalized genomics they begin by looking at real data from a person’s “23 and Me” file. Following this, groups are given a specific case study that include the patient’s history and partial sequences for a specific gene. From these data, students have to decide the type of mutation, how it affects the protein produced, and the disease its linked to. They next determine the likelihood that the patient will have the disease linked to the specific gene mutation. Students also learn about the disease’s symptoms, causes, prognoses, treatments and inheritance. Students complete the case by presenting a poster during the next class.
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StatePublished - Jul 26 2018
EventASM Conference for Undergraduate Education - Austin Texas
Duration: Jul 26 2018Jul 26 2018


ConferenceASM Conference for Undergraduate Education


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