Precision mass measurements of neutron-rich Co isotopes beyond N=40

C. Izzo, G. Bollen, M. Brodeur, M. Eibach, K. Gulyuz, J. D. Holt, J. M. Kelly, M. Redshaw, R. Ringle, R. Sandler, S. Schwarz, S. R. Stroberg, C. S. Sumithrarachchi, A. A. Valverde, A. C.C. Villari

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The region near Z=28 and N=40 is a subject of great interest for nuclear structure studies due to spectroscopic signatures in Ni68 suggesting a subshell closure at N=40. Trends in nuclear masses and their derivatives provide a complementary approach to shell structure investigations via separation energies. Penning trap mass spectrometry has provided precise measurements for a number of nuclei in this region; however, a complete picture of the mass surfaces has so far been limited by the large uncertainty remaining for nuclei with N>40 along the iron (Z=26) and cobalt (Z=27) chains because these species are not available from traditional isotope separator online rare isotope facilities. The Low-Energy Beam and Ion Trap Facility at the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory is the first and only Penning trap mass spectrometer coupled to a fragmentation facility and therefore presents the unique opportunity to perform precise mass measurements of these elusive isotopes. Here we present the first Penning trap measurements of Co68,69, carried out at this facility. Some ambiguity remains as to whether the measured values are ground-state or isomeric-state masses. A detailed discussion is presented to evaluate this question and to motivate future work. In addition, we perform ab initio calculations of ground-state and two-neutron separation energies of cobalt isotopes with the valence-space in-medium similarity renormalization group approach based on a particular set of two- and three-nucleon forces that predict saturation in infinite matter. We discuss the importance of these measurements and calculations for understanding the evolution of nuclear structure near Ni68.

Original languageEnglish
Article number014309
JournalPhysical Review C
Issue number1
StatePublished - Jan 18 2018


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