Proton Distribution Radii of C 12-19 Illuminate Features of Neutron Halos

R. Kanungo, W. Horiuchi, G. Hagen, G. R. Jansen, P. Navratil, F. Ameil, J. Atkinson, Y. Ayyad, D. Cortina-Gil, I. Dillmann, A. Estradé, A. Evdokimov, F. Farinon, H. Geissel, G. Guastalla, R. Janik, M. Kimura, R. Knöbel, J. Kurcewicz, Yu A. LitvinovM. Marta, M. Mostazo, I. Mukha, C. Nociforo, H. J. Ong, S. Pietri, A. Prochazka, C. Scheidenberger, B. Sitar, P. Strmen, Y. Suzuki, M. Takechi, J. Tanaka, I. Tanihata, S. Terashima, J. Vargas, H. Weick, J. S. Winfield

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Proton radii of C12-19 densities derived from first accurate charge changing cross section measurements at 900A MeV with a carbon target are reported. A thick neutron surface evolves from ∼0.5 fm in C15 to ∼1 fm in C19. The halo radius in C19 is found to be 6.4±0.7 fm as large as Li11. Ab initio calculations based on chiral nucleon-nucleon and three-nucleon forces reproduce the radii well.

Original languageEnglish
Article number102501
JournalPhysical Review Letters
Issue number10
StatePublished - Sep 2 2016


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