Rides and Spangles: MI circuses and carnivals

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I planned, curated, installed Clarke “Rides and Spangles: MI circuses and carnivals” exhibit, planned and organized all related speaker events, wrote online exhibit catalog and related articles, September 2009-January 2010. I got the exhibit, self, and speakers filmed by WCMU-PBS for show to be broadcast in summer 2010. It was also filmed by local MAC 3 TV for local broadcast. This was based on my sabbatical research and oral histories I completed alone. My exhibit and I helped encourage several other MI Museums (Escanaba, Jackson, Saginaw and SVSU) to have circus exhibits. The material in the exhibits cases and images on the walls were largely items I collected or got on loan (I did the paperwork and made the arrangements) . The exception was the John Pollie papers which I processed, cataloged and researched, and which got me interested in the topic. While CHL staff helped copy and enlarge images for the walls, I was the one who researched, found, set up loan agreements, planned and organized the contents in each case, created the label contents, all the PR, and came up with the idea. I also was responsible for all the information that went up online except 1 page, the director's introduction. I also planned and did all the paperwork with the speakers and arranged for them to be recorded. I also physically installed the exhibit and later de=installed the exhibit, 2 other p/t staff helped me with this. The secretary ordered the food. Everything else I did or led. In no way was this a CHL staff team effort. It would not have happened without my research, my work, and my expertise.
Original languageEnglish
StatePublished - Sep 1 2009
EventRides and Spangles: MI circuses and carnivals - Mount Pleasant, MI
Duration: Sep 1 2009Sep 30 2009


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