The handbook of morphology

Andrew Spencer, Arnold M. Zwicky

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"I'm enormously impressed by the scope and depth of The Handbook of Morphology. The coverage is broadly inclusive, without sacrificing depth in the discussion of individual issues. The range of topics covered shows us just how far the study of words, their forms and their structures has penetrated into the core of linguistics since the 1960s, when many thought there was no distinct content to morphology, and everything interesting was either syntax or phonology." Stephen R. Anderson, Yale University "Its range is outstanding. Every chapter provides new insights and challenges. I think that, like its companion volume, The Handbook of Phonological Theory, it is destined to become a standard reference in its field." Laurie Bauer, Victoria University of Wellington "The Handbook of Morphology, edited by two outstanding morphologists, will be much appreciated by the linguistic community at large. It will serve as a guide for graduate students in linguistics, and for all those researchers who need a reliable survey of current issues and insights in morphology ... Spencer and Zwicky should be thanked for having created such a fine research tool for Linguistics." Geert Booij, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam "This impressive volume is the first handbook of morphology. It's pioneering status is confirmed by an unprecedented range of topics, not to be found in any existing monograph in the domain of morphology ... I do not know any other book which offers such easy access to all the basics of modern morphology and to such a wide variety of topics." W.U. Dressler, University of Vienna "Strongly theoretic, the handbook is none the less pleasingly rich in carefully explored data, and fits in well with the other volumes in the series of Blackwell Handbooks in Linguistics" Forum for Modern Language Skills, Vol 39, 2003.

Original languageEnglish
Number of pages815
ISBN (Electronic)9781405166348
ISBN (Print)9780631226949
StatePublished - Jan 10 2007


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