The Usability of Behavior: Designing for Behavior in Mixed Initiative UX

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Nowadays, smart technologies devices (such as fitness trackers, smart watches) take part in “mixed initiative” UX contexts, where either the user and/or smart technology initiates a task. For instance, current grocery apps may automatically place cereal in a shopping basket and remind the user based on algorithms that calculate when the user runs out of cereal. Such mixed initiative contexts require a thorough understanding of user behavior in order to make a smart technology integrate with complex user actions as part of user experience (UX).<br><br>In order to respond to such mixed initiative contexts, this presentation argues that behavioral design practices signal the need to look beyond usability into the ethics of designing for behavior. This presentation will provide attendees with a framework for behavioral design which may create opportunities to respond to mixed initiative contexts. In turn, behavioral design may thus influence usability perspectives while helping us understand mixed-initiative contexts where humans and technologies are co-creators of behavior and action.
Original languageEnglish
StatePublished - Sep 21 2019
EventLouisiana Tech Usability Studies Symposium 2019 - Shreveport, LA
Duration: Sep 21 2019Sep 21 2019


ConferenceLouisiana Tech Usability Studies Symposium 2019


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