These Colours are Bananas, and Other Ways of Unmaking Racialized Mindsets: Picturebook Color, Colorized Feelings, and Radical Concepts

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Presentation looks at the concept book These Colours are Bananas, as an example of a startling, unusual, interesting, and even perhaps radical book that uses color in ways that diversify Western color usage norms and standards (not all apples are red; skin comes in many colors, including that of all of its readers). As it detaches meaning from color—rather than attaching other meanings to color—These Colors are Bananas puts into place a cognitive apparatus that establishes a mindset that promises to dismantle Colorism and undermine active ignorance, encouraging what CRT scholar Medina calls a kaleidoscopic (rather than binary or hierarchical) mind.
Original languageEnglish
StatePublished - Jun 18 2019
EventActivism and Empathy - Indianapolis, IN
Duration: Jun 18 2019Jun 18 2019


ConferenceActivism and Empathy

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