Til Death: Taxes and Student Loans

Kathryn Birkeland, Samuel R Raisanen

Research output: Working paper


In a review of data on state appropriations per student, in-state tuition, student borrowing, and state tax policies, we find that states with regressive tax policies tend to have lower state appropriations per student, lower average in-state tuition, and lower average borrowing. Four of the top 10 most regressive states allocate more than 80% of the state student aid based on need which can help with the burden of college. ​ Policymakers may not currently be considering tax policy and higher education access jointly; however, this work adds a data analysis to the theoretical work already completed which connects the two. We use data from IPEDS on four-year public universities from 1999-2012.
Original languageEnglish
StateIn preparation - 1800


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